Zero Resolutions

22 January 2018


Through the years I have learnt that I'm never too good at setting and following up New Years resolutions.
So for the past few years New Years has been just a time to really reevaluate my past year and plan for the year ahead without putting too much pressure on myself. This year I decided to be utterly honest with myself and my intentions, my goals wether personal or professional I have decided to write them all down from the simplest to the realistic all the way to the most outlandish. A girl has got to dream right?! For each goal I have I really planned what I need to do to reach each one of them all the things I can do myself and that are solely dependent on me and my hard work and dedication, so the buts and what ifs are eliminated from the equation.
So no resolutions but a huge list of change of habits and routines. I have decided to allow myself more time to do what I enjoy and try to balance work and personal life. From sticking to my daily workout routine and make sure I have my first and last hour of the day to myself and really just be with my thoughts and feelings in order to reenergise and be the best version of me.
The past year I focused on being the best everything to everyone else but myself, trying to be the best working mother in a relationship on cruise control has taken its toll, so it's time to feel like Sílvia again and just really wear each hat wether is mummy , or sister or friend just really wear it as Sílvia. I mean really step out of myself and really evaluate each situation with a clear head and kind heart, not too kind though, as last year was the year that I gave and gave until I had no more to give. 
So this year I will be a bit more stindgy with my time and energy and overall kindness. No will probably my main hashtag. It's okay to say a few nos, it's okay to not be available it's fine not to be willing to be the go to person at all times. I will be my main priority in order to be the best at everything else I do and am to all my closest and dearest.
This year has so much to bring and I will be damned if I give up at the first fall or stumble.
I will be sharing a few habits and routines as I try them and see results.

On that note Happy New Year ya'll! May your 2018 be the brightest and biggest year yet

Pearly whites

17 November 2017

Leicester, UK

I have been obsessed with all things embellished with pearls for a long time! From the classic studs which I keep on stocking up by the dozens,( H&M has the best multipacks) to overly embellished dresses and jackets. Designer houses such as Gucci and Balmain have put pearls back under the spotlight but in more innovative ways. I mean who would have thought that trainers embellished with pearls would be a thing? Gucci certainly did, and made an amazing job at combining both. But one of my favourite combos are denim and pearls. So it would be rude for me to have the fashion background I have and not share a few DIY projects, and help other fashionistas out there achieve this trend without breaking the bank. You can thank me later!

What you need:
A pair of skinny jeans
Fabric scissors
Pearls 2 different sizes
White tread
Pencils two different colours
Masking tape
Sharp seam cutter 

Picked a pair of skinny jeans that are a bit too long for me ( like most of the jeans I own, thanks to my non existent legs) so it’s hard, I dare to say impossible to find he perfect ankle grazing skinny’s that will looks how they meant to look on my short legs. So shortening by a few inches will be the first task.

After trying the jeans on and deciding how much to cut off I used a piece of masking tape to mark the where I will be cutting.

 The tape will be used as a guide and a limit where to distress the new hem.

I used a stich cutter to unpick the edges of the jeans alternately sharp scissor can be used too.

Place the bigger pearls first so the distribution is nicely balanced.

Mark each placement for each pearl with a pencil.

Place smaller pearls.

Mark with a different colour pencil.

Using different colours will be easier when seeing the pearls on.

Repeat the same steps on the back of you wish, for me I wanted to add a few on the back but just at the very bottom part.

Sew all the pearls individually, and be sure to secure each pearl properly.
Using white thread will look much better than any other colour, because it will blend with the pearls.
 And voilà!

Uncomfortably Floral

25 September 2017

The pre mummy Sílvia would look at this suit and say "hell to the no"!
There's something about resisting the uncomfortable and the fear of the unknown, I have been through many situations in the past year alone that tested my backbone metaphorically and physically (trust and believe that 19 hours of labour with no pain relief is definitely a physical test of your backbone).
I have promised myself that in this journey that we call adult life I will take more risks, opt for the uncomfortable instead of the comfortable. The same rule applies to my wardrobe, those who know me know that red is not really my colour unless is in a nice retro matte lipstick or shiny red polish form! So this print was everything I would have ran away from, pyjama outdoors, floral print, red, but I have to say I'm so glad I took the risk.
So much so that I ended up working out different ways to wear the top! This look is perfect for a night out but I can also imagine it paired with skinny jeans for more of a day time feel. Or the pants paired with an off white shirt for a Parisian effortlessly chic look. 
The pyjama trend has definitely won its newest biggest fan, I will be exploring and experimenting with this trend a bit more in the future, I'm fully aware that I'm super late, but hey better late than never!

Wide Shirt - H&M
Trousers - H&M
Earrings  - H&M 
Heels - ZARA 

Many thanks to the amazing Sylvia Chuku for capturing the essence of my grown self , for more of her amazing work check her out on insta @sylviachuku_photography 

The Tile Effect

16 August 2017

A30, Portugal
Roaming the streets of Lisbon is hard not to get under the influence of all the beautiful tiling and rococo details that finishs of the beautiful buildings around the city.
The old buildings have been untouched or messed around with, so all the tiles are original, in some cases they probably have gone through a facelift, but nothing that would compromise the original look, hence why I love it so much.
The preservation of that nostalgic feeling is key, all marble carvings and colourful tiles have influenced me to put on this shirt I bought from H&M about two years ago, the tile like print fits in perfectly with my surroundings, paired with a simple pair of shorts I definitely gave room for this shirt to do the talking.
I have had planned to have two or three more outfit posts but due to the nature of my trip I just really took time to enjoy my family and just really take some time for myself.
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Blouse - H&M
Shorts - H&M
Trainers - H&M
Bag - H&M

As always leave a comment below with any questions or feedback.

Silvia Gomes

Lisboa Bonita

22 July 2017

Lisbon, Portugal
I have been to many places, but nowhere compares or even ever come close to my hometown Lisbon.
Capital of Portugal, doesn't matter how many times I visit, this place will never fail to leave me mesmerised and more in love with it.
I have a love and hate relationship with my visits to Lisbon , love coming and eternally hate leaving, this summer I came back for a short sweet and sour ten days for my daddy's first year memorial service and gathering with my siblings, like I mentioned previously and also made a video about it, I have been wearing black and nothing but black for a full year ( only with the exception of one hour shoot I had with my son), so I have now gone back to normal coloured clothes, and I found that creams and some deep tones have been my go to colours to ease me back to my normal wardrobe.
I hope you enjoy the following series of outfits I wore whilst away with a sprinkle of Lisbon, I will be also posting a full lookbook video on my channel, so stay tuned.


  Hoops  (similar) - H&M
Casio Watch - ASOS
Denim Shirt (similar) - H&M
Shorts (similar) - H&M
Sandals (similar) - H&M

Be sure to let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments box below or stay in touch on my social media!
Sílvia Gomes 

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