Motivation Monday #1

24 April 2017 Leicester, UK

"Don't be afraid to get your toes wet, you may find you are a mermaid after all"

Staying focused and willing to take risks will bring you more happiness than the act of dreaming and wishing you did.
Wishing never achieved anything, trying and and taking risks do.
Don't be afraid of going for it, fear and self doubt will forever be your biggest obstacle in life.
So get into the habit of eliminating those negative thoughts and substituting them with positive ones.
Start your week as you mean to go on.
Stay motivated!

I absolutely love supporting and motivating people around me just as much as I enjoy being supported and motivated by those around me. It's important we keep ourselves and our circle motivated and positive.
So I wanted to have a little space on here to dedicate to good vibes, so every Monday I will be sharing some positive and inspirational words, so we set the tone for the rest of the week.
I hope you enjoy these weekly series!

~ Sílvia

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