Pearly whites

17 November 2017

Leicester, UK

I have been obsessed with all things embellished with pearls for a long time! From the classic studs which I keep on stocking up by the dozens,( H&M has the best multipacks) to overly embellished dresses and jackets. Designer houses such as Gucci and Balmain have put pearls back under the spotlight but in more innovative ways. I mean who would have thought that trainers embellished with pearls would be a thing? Gucci certainly did, and made an amazing job at combining both. But one of my favourite combos are denim and pearls. So it would be rude for me to have the fashion background I have and not share a few DIY projects, and help other fashionistas out there achieve this trend without breaking the bank. You can thank me later!

What you need:
A pair of skinny jeans
Fabric scissors
Pearls 2 different sizes
White tread
Pencils two different colours
Masking tape
Sharp seam cutter 

Picked a pair of skinny jeans that are a bit too long for me ( like most of the jeans I own, thanks to my non existent legs) so it’s hard, I dare to say impossible to find he perfect ankle grazing skinny’s that will looks how they meant to look on my short legs. So shortening by a few inches will be the first task.

After trying the jeans on and deciding how much to cut off I used a piece of masking tape to mark the where I will be cutting.

 The tape will be used as a guide and a limit where to distress the new hem.

I used a stich cutter to unpick the edges of the jeans alternately sharp scissor can be used too.

Place the bigger pearls first so the distribution is nicely balanced.

Mark each placement for each pearl with a pencil.

Place smaller pearls.

Mark with a different colour pencil.

Using different colours will be easier when seeing the pearls on.

Repeat the same steps on the back of you wish, for me I wanted to add a few on the back but just at the very bottom part.

Sew all the pearls individually, and be sure to secure each pearl properly.
Using white thread will look much better than any other colour, because it will blend with the pearls.
 And voilĂ !

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