Zero Resolutions

22 January 2018


Through the years I have learnt that I'm never too good at setting and following up New Years resolutions.
So for the past few years New Years has been just a time to really reevaluate my past year and plan for the year ahead without putting too much pressure on myself. This year I decided to be utterly honest with myself and my intentions, my goals wether personal or professional I have decided to write them all down from the simplest to the realistic all the way to the most outlandish. A girl has got to dream right?! For each goal I have I really planned what I need to do to reach each one of them all the things I can do myself and that are solely dependent on me and my hard work and dedication, so the buts and what ifs are eliminated from the equation.
So no resolutions but a huge list of change of habits and routines. I have decided to allow myself more time to do what I enjoy and try to balance work and personal life. From sticking to my daily workout routine and make sure I have my first and last hour of the day to myself and really just be with my thoughts and feelings in order to reenergise and be the best version of me.
The past year I focused on being the best everything to everyone else but myself, trying to be the best working mother in a relationship on cruise control has taken its toll, so it's time to feel like Sílvia again and just really wear each hat wether is mummy , or sister or friend just really wear it as Sílvia. I mean really step out of myself and really evaluate each situation with a clear head and kind heart, not too kind though, as last year was the year that I gave and gave until I had no more to give. 
So this year I will be a bit more stindgy with my time and energy and overall kindness. No will probably my main hashtag. It's okay to say a few nos, it's okay to not be available it's fine not to be willing to be the go to person at all times. I will be my main priority in order to be the best at everything else I do and am to all my closest and dearest.
This year has so much to bring and I will be damned if I give up at the first fall or stumble.
I will be sharing a few habits and routines as I try them and see results.

On that note Happy New Year ya'll! May your 2018 be the brightest and biggest year yet

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